Old Skoda hearse There is not too much known about car manufacturers "from the East". Skoda today is better known being the profitable and high-quality subsidiary of Volkswagen, but like many other merged-in brands today, they had their own, distinct history. And of course, people in former Czechoslovakia were dying and needing hearses too, so there were some hearses as well.
No one knows a lot or anything at all about those cars, but Predseda in Prague has a big interest in Skoda and a large picture collection, of which he sent me photos of Skoda hearses. I have to thank him for this extraordinary lesson in automotive history and letting me show the pictures to the english-speaking world so to say :-) Well, enjoy the rare pictures and a lesson about Skoda or two for yourself!


Welcome to the first internet page on German soil dedicated to hearses! When I looked into hearse pages in the internet, I quickly found - nothing in Germany and in German language, so I decided to start my own German language internet page for hearses in Germany. Since its humble start in fall 1999, it has grown considerably and is now a nice meeting point for (mainly German) hearse fans, providing tons of pictures, technical and historical background and information, a discussion forum, a marketplace and much more. And the best of all, it is still growing, faster actually than I can keep up with the pace.

Hearse in German And for all the non-German hearse fans around, this english language page is set up as some kind of mirror page of Die Leichenwagenseite. Leichenwagen is the German word for hearse, so this means nothing else as "The Hearse Page", and it is still the first and so far only internet page in German language about hearses.
Due to chronical lack of time, I cannot quite keep up with this english language version of the hearse page, but I'll do my best. If you are not daunted by reading some incrompehensible German, take a look at www.leichenwagen.de and enjoy the pictures!


You can navigate between the individual pages simply by clicking on the number plates in the left navigation bar. Some sections (pictures for example) are split into individual sub sections; I am currently experimenting with navigation menus that allow you to directly go to one of the subsections.
You will find here:

My dream license plate frame

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