Last fall, I was travelling from Indianapolis, Indiana to South Bend, Indiana real late one night. It was late October, a few days from halloween, and was in the 1968 Cadillac Park Row Combination. About 15 miles south of Kokomo, something jumped out in front of me. A black cat!!! Before I could even get my foot off the gas and touch the brake, I hit it. CLUMP! I felt bad about it and thought about turning around and checking on it. Then I thought "6500 pound car, 12 pound kitty, do the math." Besides, could you imagine the looks on peoples faces being woke up around 1am, with some guy knocking on their door wondering if he hit their cat, with a hearse in the driveway? So I continued.

Just as I hit Kokomo, the engine temp light comes on. Crap!! That cat must of hit a coolant line or something. I pull into a gas station and look underneigh. Nothing. No leakage. I then check the radiatior, it looked a little low, but not enough to cause the light to come one I thought, so I bought some coolant and filled it up. The Temp Light stayed on.

I then decided to get a flashlight out of the glove box when I noticed I had no dome lights either. "What the...? I thought. So I bought some fuses, found a blown one and replaced it. SPARK FIZZZ PTZZZ!!! "Dummy, hold the dome light button down when you replace that one" I thought. So I then sucessfully replaced the dome light fuse, the lights came on, and the temp light went off!!!! This happend a few more times up until Halloween, since then, it has never happened again. Makes you wonder if that little black cat was getting back at me!

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