One of our sponsors asked: Does the trip have a name.
Of course:

The Heavenly Ride

In July 2001 we will start from Finland for a 10 thousand kilometer long journey. So what? Yes, with a real american hearse, of course!!

The car is a 1974 Dodge Coronet STW with only 140 thousand kilometers. It is in real good original condition, original painted, with all its original equipment. Finnish flag on the fender, curtains at the side windows, and a real coffin in the back. On the dark back window you can read: Made in Heaven. The tour will cross Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. If the time table and money allows (depending on the sponsors) we will also visit Italy and Austria. A real good Souvenir from our trip would be a funeral trailer, so if you have to sell one for a reasonable price please contact us via E-mail.

The reason for the trip is to get our hobby closer to people and meet other enthusiasts, of course we would like to join a hearse cruise. So if you know about one please contact us.

Of course we had the idea, but without the friendly financal help of several small employments it would have been imposible. Special thanks also to Anja who keeps this web site!!!! If newspapers want to write about us or businesses would like to support us, please contact us on E-mail. During the trip there is a large billboard on the roof mounted with the name of all the sponsors. We are ready for interviews or publicity stunts for a very reasonable price. We are greatfull for money, gas, food,etc.

It is not only a hearse, we also have fancy dresses, for example: Undertaker and widow, Mafia boss with violin case and call girl or western look with revolver and shot gun. Yeah we leave the guns at home because we are not so sure about the humor of the customs - officers.

Everybody who want to support us, help us or meet, us contact our E - mail in time.

Greetings Tom and Anne

Tom und Anne

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