Daddys car is the best car

Well, I am in the garage doing firewood, suddenly there are children voices. Our older son came with his friends to show them our Dodge. "That`s our american car and it runs rather fast. Yeah my pa owns an Opel which runs faster. No way! Well and it have a backseat and no stupid coffin in it`s back." I come to have a look on the situation and see my son placing the finnish flag on the fender. "Tell me which car is better now?" Now the quiet guy: "The president also got a black, big american car with the finnish flag on the fender." The Opel couldn`t compare any more.

Crazy Tourists

We are at a Oldtimer cruise and a tourist from Holland is lost between all the old cars. In the street are people watching the oldtimer run. In a yard are standing a group of children and my wife says: "Honk for the children they will like it". I did as she told me. The tourist looks in the mirror and there is a very big black car with the flag on it`s fender. He step on his brakes (I think he did it with both feet) to get out of the way. Fortunately I didn`t hit him.

The undertaker and the police..

In the first of may is the first oldtimer run of the year in Finland. Early in the morning I got home from work and told my wife to wake me up in two hours so we want be late for it. My wife is very exact with her make up and so it was three hours and there was more hurry than asked for. I jump in my fancy clothes and the next we know the car is going. After a while I check the watch, 50 kilometers to go and only 20 minutes to the start. A good step on the accelerator and a moment later we run about 140 km/h. There comes hill and the car almost jumped ower it and there is a speed control. Not even a posibility to hit the brakes. You don`t want to know the words which never before heard in a hearse and next an angry police officer demand to stop. On his face a strange look dont know what to do because he look at a hearse. In it the undertaker, a crying widow and in the back a coffin. The flag risen only to the half way left no missunderstandings. They are going to a funeral and there is some kind of a hurry. The police let us passing throug the control without any questins. Well I was shure that my driver license is gone for a long time and I even didnt get a file.

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