These pictures were all taken by Peter Straub (Pit) in Portugal some time ago. There are some definitely strange cars here, but worth looking at them! Thanks a lot to Pit for the great pictures!

I also would like to thank all of you who have sent comments about these cars and thus helped us all a lot!. Special thanks go to Chris und Zodiak, who proved to be real experts in identifying rare and strange cars! Well, you never stop learning!

A funeral trailer:

A funeral trailer. In earlier times these trailers were quite something normal, today they have virtually all disappeared.

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A Cadillac from 1958:

An old Cadillac looking quite sadly and dusty. I am not so sure what year it is, but since it already has dual headlights, my guess is 1958.

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A Plymouth:

Looks like an old Plymouth. Clean it up, wash it (I know I know, spend tons of bucks and three years as well), then you'll have a very nice, ultracool gothic hearse. Ooops, did I say gothic?

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An S-Class Mercedes-Benz:

A nice old S-class Mercedes.

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A Studebaker:

A Studebaker. This picture shows the cars' looks when Pit bought it. Well, encourages me with my latest adventure!

Pits Studebaker as it looks now, being "at home". I really like tha glass roof, it reminds me a bit of Italian hearses. Don't show it to our officials, though!

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A Ford, maybe from 1955:

An american Ford model, we are not sure what model it is; according to Zodiak it is a model from 1955.

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An International Traveller?

Something even more strange. Looks like a mixture between Kon Tiki and a Lada. Seriously, it seems to be an International Traveller; on Europes roads it is a really rare sight!

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A London Taxi:

Originally we all thought that this was a Morris; it is actually an Austin; Zodiak wrote: "I used to drive a London Taxi (and still own it, albeit it is no longer registered) and I can assure you, that Morris never built London Taxis. This car was built by the renowned company Austin. The coach builder was Carbodies."

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