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Now online at last, here are the pictures of our little Munich hearse meeting in May 2003. Actually more a breakfast than a real car meet, however there were enough beautiful hearses to call it a mini-meet. We also had a small hearse convoy out into the beautiful Bavarian countryside - to end the day in another beer garden. Well, we are in bavaria, after all!
Now here are the pictures to enjoy - with only little comments. Thanks to Alexander and Gordon for sending me their pictures to publish here!

Some of my pictures
(until the camera stopped working for some reason)

Typical beer garden activity: food and drink!

Lots of asphalt talk as well!

A beautiful Mercedes-Benz 170

... with matching funeral trailer

A Swoboda Mercedes-Benz, built from Austria

and Bennys Opel Omega, not seen too often

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Selected pictures from Alexander

Johannes and Gruftigirls beautiful Ford

A real beauty!

Christians "flossy" Mercedes-Benz

Looks a little like a British hearse

Silke and Manfreds Chevrolet Impala

Quite an impressive sight

Bennys Opel Omega

You should risk a view through the rear window - but not too close!

Bertrands Mercedes-Benz W123

The low roofline makes the car quite elegant

Manfreds funeral trailer

This is Alexanders Mercedes-Benz from Austrian coach builder Swoboda

My funeral limousine was present as well

Again Manfreds Mercedes-Benz 170

Our little cruise

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Gordon's pictures

The US-car fans were present with a Chevrolet Impala

and a Cadillac funeral limousine

The beautiful ford of Johannes and Gaby

The equally beautiful "flossy" Mercedes of Christian

The (virtual) cup for the oldest car goes to this Mercedes 170

with the stunning funeral trailer!

Alexanders Mercedes (Swoboda)

and all of us in the beer garden. Cheers!

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Last Update: 20 May 2003