What is new at HEARSE.DE:

A slightly new outfit as I am preparing for the next update in contents: Hearses from Czechia!

Pictures are now online of our little Munich meeting in May 2003

Lots of pictures of the hearse meeting in Alpen, Germany.

A link to Elisabeth's great story to Norway with her Mercedes-Benz hearse is now available at our stories page.

More links have been added to the collection of annotated links.

Some more stories, this time submitted from Finland by Tom. Makes a hilarious read! Where, of course at the Story Page.

Even more pictures to come. This time it is Horch hearses and Packard. Horch is a now defunct German car maker that existed basically between WW1 and WW2, and is not part of Audi! Packard is also a now defunct company that once built amongst the finest luxury cars in the US.

Some new pictures, this time of Austin hearses. Yes, God save the queen, because cars in her queendom tend to rust away quicker before you can say "hearse", but here are some pictures of British Hearses to keep them in memory.

Thanks to Ingo and Henry we now have pictures of Japanese Hearses to view!

Tons of new new links, especially coach builders and used car dealers in USA.

The story pages have been split up so they load quicker and are easier to read.

The picture pages have been extended significantly.

Lots of new links have been added and a few dead links removed.

I have now restructured the page layout to use frames. This step has become necessary due to the grown contents that we want to put online; something had to be done to make my life easier! I am also experimenting with a menu to select the subpages. If you have problems with the new layout, please send me your comments or complaints!
We also have some new Cadillac pictures!

Some more pictures at the story page , more to come as my time permits.
The counter has been acting weird but thanks to statistics this is taken care of now (I hope).

Two more stories , provided by John Rabold and definitely worth a read! Thanks John!

A new story is there; read about my unhappy trip with my Princess and how the ADAC, the largest German car club screwed me.

The Story page is up now; thanks to Rainer for the pictures!

I've translated the Know-How page so it is now available in English language as well. This does not mean that it is finished or complete, quite the opposite. Please send me any contributions or comments you might have! Thanks in advance!

Lots of new pictures show up here. I have finally managed to bring this page up to the same level as The German Page. Lots of work, but I hopefully got all those links right. If not, please mail me and complain!
The links page got some more entries, www boards and other minor cleanups.

I have finally updated the links page and closed the gap to the german language page. Still do do are the picture pages and then all the new ideas I have and you provide me with.

Lots of new pictures.

Now a proud member of the Professional Car Web Ring.

Added some links again; added links are marked with the date I added or modified them.

Added some links and sorted out the navigation buttons. Thanks to Richard for the hint!